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About The Game

Strike Vector EX (SVEX) is, first and foremost, an aerial combat game designed to play with your friends in multiplayer. Strike Vector EX for the PlayStation 4 is a much bigger, more fleshed out and improved version of Strike Vector for PC: It has improved, easier-to-manage ships, i.e. the controls are smoother to handle, and they are intuitive and easy to understand. There is a new single-player campaign with a story, a new off-line multiplayer mode called Skirmish, and match-making for the PS4 version (which the PC version didn't have), and the PS4 version is built on Unreal Engine 4, while the PC version was built in UE3. There are 15 maps, which are the same as the PC version. Last but not least, there is a gamut of primary, secondary and tertiary weapons that players can mix and match to create vastly different play styles adding depth and variety to the game.

Platform: Developer/Publisher Launch Date:
PlayStation 4 Ragequit Corporation PS4: August 30, 2016
Genre: ESRB Rating:
Mech-Style Aerial Combat M for Mature (Violence, Strong Language)
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